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Thread: Illinois State Government

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    Illinois State Government

    Big win today for the teachers union.

    The Illinois Supreme Court today overturned the lower courts and gave an over $35k pension (in addition to another $34k pension for his brief stint as an aide to Mike Madigan) to a teachers union official that worked for one day as a substitute teacher in which he was paid $93.

    No typo, he was paid $7 less than a hundred and locked in a constitutionally protected pension paid by Illinois taxpayers for $35k a year. For life, with survivor rights to his spouse.

    The wife of Chicago's once most powerful Alderman, Ed Burke, and coincidentally a state supreme court justice, read the decision which found that the pension drawn from the Illinois Teacher Retirement System (TRS) pension was protected by the Illinois State Constitution.

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    And this is why we can't have nice things.

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