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Thread: Casten involved in D41 election

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    Quote Originally Posted by jombl View Post
    for the record, Casten sits in the House of Representatives. He is not a Senator. If you squint really hard you might be able to tell the difference.
    My substitution sprang from the fatigue of a late hour; clearly I was not arguing that he was a Senator...

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    Not sure if this is true or not, but per a Facebook post (and EVERYTHING is true on Facebook) Casten’s camp denies any support. Buttimer’s camp claims there was nothing wrong with the posts yet has subsequently deleted all posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GE Fan View Post
    Buttimer is becoming more and more unelectable by the day.
    You think, I see more signs for her than for Clark and Bucholz. Not exactly a great predictor but my guess is the union is strongly backing them and in elections with small turnout that could be key.

    Most of Glen Ellyn seems to be OK with higher taxes at least based on the last election so being in favor of raising taxes doesn't seem to be the deal breaker it once was.

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