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A true question for you Bob as I know you have experience in this arena.

If you had a policy to "Max your Levy" every year to retain your potential levy year to year, and abated money at the end of the school year if not necessary, would that assuage your fear of this statement? Just curious.

What do you see as the potential pitfalls of the above scenario?
Until Clark-Buchholz came along, we mostly maxed the levy for years. There was one, just one, abatement, about 6-7 years ago. Nelson talked about it like she parted the Red Sea. Problem is my D 41 taxes went up so much the following year that it negated any benefit that I received the previous year.

Also, your theory asks for us to trust I people that want 'every last penny' for whatever they want to do with it. I am comfortable saying that Buttimer would never consider abating a penny, ever.