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Thread: Snow Day vs. At-Home Learning Day

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    Snow Day vs. At-Home Learning Day

    I've never heard of this "Learning from home day" until last week. Sounds like it's new in Illinois. So, my question is, why did Dr. Gordon prepare for this type of day last Friday but we couldn't get it planned for today? So now we'll have to make up this missed day. And maybe several more with weather forecast.

    The communication odd on this one. In message sent last Thursday announcing a possible learning day:

    Dear Families,

    It is possible that we will not be having school tomorrow due to the frigid temperatures expected. Once a decision is made, the district will send out the notification through email, robo call, and post it on social media.

    In preparation for this possibility, I want to let you know that the Illinois School Code has changed to allow for learning from home when we are not able to be in the buildings. In order for the district to count tomorrow as an attendance day (rather than an emergency day), teachers will provide students with learning opportunities they can engage with while at home. Families will be hearing from their individual school offices or from teachers directly regarding the learning opportunities if there is a school closure tomorrow. This is not a full day of school work, simply an opportunity for learning. Please look for these communications from your schools. Students will be asked to report back on this learning when they return to school.

    Making a possible school closure an “attendance day” through at-home learning is extremely helpful to the district as the school year calendar has already been adjusted due to the referendum construction taking place in our schools. Thank you for your patience and your support with the learning from home tomorrow.

    Dr. Paul Gordon

    Then today we get an email saying
    Due to weather conditions, all District 41 schools are CLOSED today, Monday, January 28.

    Followed up several hours later with this:

    Dear District 41 Families and Staff,

    Today is a District-Wide Snow Day. Students are not responsible for any At-Home Learning activities that may have been sent home either last week or this morning. We will communicate how and when this day will be made up. Later today, I will be sending an email outlining our At-Home Learning Process moving forward.

    Thank you,
    Dr. Paul Gordon
    District 41 Superintendent

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    with the cold temps coming, this will turn into a learning at home week....I predict 3 days at home this week for the kiddos....

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    It's all very confusing. I know 41 is dealing with construction so why wouldn't today be a learning day?Funny thing seems like the elementary kids got more work to do last Friday than the Hadley kids. The GBW kids got no extra work. Seems backwards. But now no one has to do any so I'm just glad I didn't plan a June vacation.

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