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Thread: Tim Elliott stands up for us

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    OK, boys, what's going on here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bry View Post
    Well, soon, the crazy dude yelling at everyone on this corner will be yelling at no one. It will be his corner and can yell all he wants at all the Google bots that visit.
    Edit: "Well, soon, the crazy dudes yelling at everyone on this corner will be yelling at no one."

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    Cater to the one, not the many.

    99.9% of the bickering here is started by one member. We are the fools that reply to it. It is not a discussion, it is a shout fest started to provoke and we all bite. No more. You just keep letting that continue. We just won’t bite or click on any ads. Or stop visiting period. He will be shouting at no one. Pretty close now. We got like 8 people here now?

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