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Thread: New Things Happening in The New Year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliché View Post
    Still in beta? I guess I assumed January 1, looking forward to the new model.
    Quote Originally Posted by ackerman View Post
    This is as ridiculous as your last post.

    First, a spelling lesson, Guttenberg. C-U-R-R-I-E.

    Second, Bruce doesn't speak as often as most other board members. When he does, I find his points of view to be well thought out. He serves us well. To criticize him as a puppet for anyone is either disingenuous or blindly ignorant.

    I've known Linda for years. We are lucky that she decided to run. Both her and Al are credits to the community. To characterize her as you have is silly. On her worst day, she can run laps around you, which is no easy feat. To make a comparison between her and you, 2 Facilities Committee Members(well you were for what, an hour or so?) is like comparing a filet and a pile of --- ----.

    You have proven that you have nothing to say. Over and over. Just stop.
    Clamato, those "new" rules to make this a friendly forum, when do they start?
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