Peter Roskam is still in office until his replacement is installed. His duty, to his constituents, is to continue to represent us thru his last day.

Having said this, Roskam didn't vote yesterday on the important Omnibus spending bill. He also has missed voting on a number of other issues since November's election.

I know that his Capitol office is going thru a change over to the CO2 guy. But, I don't believe he was sleeping there. After 12 years there, I have confidence that he should be able to function there until the changeover in January.

People that know me know that I don't play blind partisan BS. What's wrong is wrong. Unless I am unaware of some ailment or surgery that would incapacitate him, he should be representing us. Or he should resign.

Should he decide to run again for anything, I know that we are owed an explanation and apology.