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Thread: Hijacking in Glen Ellyn XI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenly Ellynby View Post
    Son of an optometrist with a dusty shelf of five-year-old out-of-style frames? Online glasses sales are the way to go.
    Ha, no, my dad runs a showroom that sells bricks and mortar.

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    I've often wondered how many brick and mortar optometrists, who order lenses for their customers from off-site labs, might actually have the lenses made out of the country (like China) and are sent here. Could they be made in the same places that the online ordering uses?

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    Even if the lenses did come from the same place as on-line manufacturers, for me and my slightly complicated prescription I appreciated being fitted exactly, including which frames fit my slim nose bridge best. I had over the years both Varilux and Zeiss progressive lenses, slimmed down to avoid that coke bottle effect. And, as I mentioned, a few times over the decades the manufacturers provided glasses that my optician felt were not quite right and sent back immediately, before I even came in. With progressive lenses, I've read on independent websites that the fitting and measurement of pupillary distance is very exacting. I know Varilux was originally a French company and became global leaders for progressive lenses.

    Again, I think for single vision, less complicated prescriptions, on line providers may work very well, just like every optician will usually say go to the drug store or Amazon to get simple readers in those pre-cataract surgery stages. It's for more complicated prescriptions that I feel a good optician physically seeing the individual can be of great benefit. Also, I admit, I love being able to pop over to the optician for a free frame adjustment whenever I needed one. I will say I would never request a free adjustment for an item I didn't purchase from a particular vendor.

    PS - my optometrist gives me the prescription; I go to a separate optician for the actual glasses. I'm not sure all practices function like that.

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    I think you're right. For single vision stuff, places like WP are fine. They aren't reinventing the wheel, they are simply selling fashion. Their frames are no better, and likely worse, than most others. But for $95, you really don't care. If they fall apart in a year or you lose them, go buy another pair. I think they are perfect for kids who can't properly care for glasses. My youngest son . . . . I get him a pair there every 10 months or so.

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    Yoss, I presume you will be watching the new Catch-22 series on Hulu to watch your namesake?

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