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Thread: Hetlet's 2018 Hitters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliché View Post
    #2 Lincoln-Way East (Frankfort) [10-0] at #18 Glenbard West [8-2] , Saturday, 1 pm, Duchon Field.
    Beat down at Duchin today, stung.
    Lincoln Way East is likely 8a favorite and champion. Felt a little like the end of a super special era today. Golden Eagle youth feeder football numbers were way down. Just got a bad feeling.

    Hope I’m wrong. GBW football program is terrific, just wonder if they will keep getting the talent to compete for #1. It also hurts a ton when they are in the 8a (biggest schools) division.

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    Hard to write about this game and be clear, concise and not misconstrued.

    LWE is called the "Beast" for a reason, defending champion with 4 D1 talents and depth, skill and great coaching. They were a 30-40 point favorite today.

    West was a very good, but not great, team... good athletes, but no stellar stars.

    Today, West played almost the worse game imaginable...turnovers, penalties...3 times they false starts to first and 20...two times they failed to catch a kickoff in the air after calling a fair catch...on 4th down with 17 seconds in the half they failed to run the clock out by fumbling to a TD, then on the ensuing kickoff, fumbled the kickoff and let up the next play for a TD with seconds left...14 points in less than 14 seconds. It was a sub, sub par showing. That said, they had an opponent that would have beat them with a good to great showing. Yes, they inherited players when the other LW school closed, yes they have more enrollment, but that is a good team, none the less.

    The 8A field is difficult with many strong teams...LWE, arguably, thee strongest...25 wins in a row I think, 7-8 shutouts with 6-7 running clocks..very, very good team.

    Congrats to the 2018 Hitters on another great season and 11th straight playoff appearance.
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