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Thread: Taylor Ave Underpass

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    This looks like it had nothing at all to do with neighborhood beautification, this is someone's way to spend village money to further their personal goals. Not even fake consideration was given to a refined, organic and lasting work that would have been in keeping with the character of the neighborhood. Just, boom, here's the community organization you're paying.

    The community organization getting the check has only done 1 paint job outside of Chicago, that was almost a decade ago. And in the massive Lincoln Park neighborhood? Only a single mural from 1974 is claimed as their current or former work, and that's in the far NW corner of the map. Zero in Old Town, Streeterville or the Gold Coast. This, below, is the single wall outside the city.

    Don't yell at me, the image is from their website:

    By all appearances, especially the ham handed way it has been presented as a done deal, this looks like someone has an agenda. We, as a community (not to mention the neighborhood having it stuffed down its gullet, no matter the taste), should never have been presented this as a fait accompli.

    This was once a village in which people genuinely tried to find consensus and work together. No more. We have fully adopted all the bad politics of Illinois.

    Welcome to the top-down dictates of your political betters as they do as they wish, now again, time and time again.
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