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Thread: Illinois Art Institute of Chicago/Schaumburg - loss of accreditation

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    Illinois Art Institute of Chicago/Schaumburg - loss of accreditation

    I only heard of this after it was just announced the Art Institute of Colorado is closing. Apparently, they are all owned by the same conglomerate.



    The Art Institute of Colorado, along with programs in Detroit, Chicago and Schaumburg, Ill., had their accreditation removed and put under review back in January by the Chicago-based Higher Learning Commission.

    According to a story earlier last month in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, students at the four schools were not informed of the loss of accreditation, even though that was something the commission required and was something that made their degrees less valuable on the job market
    I can't find this in the Tribune....

    Correction: This affects the Illinois Art Institutes in Schaumburg and Chicago, not to be confused with the Art Institute of Chicago....
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    So you were posting fake news??

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