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Thread: Road Bike Tires on Crushed Limestone Trails (Prairie Path, Great Western Trail)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clamato View Post
    Why don't you bypass the road bike and get a gravel bike? Similar geometry . . . and you swap out road tires on that rare occasion that you are on a true road ride.
    There are some significant differences, I'd put the gravel bike as more of a heavy, slacker cross. They both significantly change the road bikes handling and comfort geometry with the gravel geometry laying between the rando and cross. The big reason I suggested the randonneur (in 700c) was that it really gives you the best fit-for-purpose geometry for the task, so to speak, it's lighter than all but the road frame, designed to be the most comfortable and handles easiest.

    I truly believe that there exist such massive differences in type-built geometry that one should strive to avoid compromises. In their element, and we clearly have a very definable one here in our flat, smooth midwestern suburban area, getting the best engineered geometry for the actual task is a major consideration. In real life though, guilty myself, most bike decisions are 80% vanity: 20% usefulness. In which case, go with the retailers and their latest and greatest.


    Looking at the image above, don't get the wrong idea - the horizontal top tube on the rando is not from the task-specific geometry. The other bikes are simply using what's known as "compact geometry" which brings in the sloping top tube.

    Here's a cheap compact geometry racing randonneur for a more apples to apples comparison:

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