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Thread: Glen Ellyn Ducks Rugby

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    Glen Ellyn Ducks Rugby

    Glen Ellyn Ducks Rugby is a co-op club/spring sport of local high school students, many from Glenbards South and West. Absolutely no experience is required and players will pick it up very quickly. Every position runs with the ball and tackles as there is no blocking. Games last a about an hour and, like soccer, have a running clock and five minute halftime. The first practices are this Wednesday, February 28 and this Friday, March 2 from 7 to 9 p.m. on the turf at Glenbard South. All interested 9th thru 12th graders are encouraged attend to find out what rugby is all about. They won’t be disappointed. Flexible scheduling. There’s more info at Rugby flyer South v1.jpg

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    I'll piggyback and plug the younger kids rugby, too. There is a 7th/8th grade division, a 5th/6th grade division, and even "Rookie Rugby" for 3rd/4th grades. Rookies just learn the sport and there's no tackling. Amount of contact progresses from there, with 5/6 introducing tackling but scrums aren't full blown contact yet. Manly manliness is introduced gradually.................

    Sign up at the Park District website!

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