A friend, who has an older house with wooden double-hung windows,has asked me to help find a wood window restoration expert. He's primarily having problems with one large unit, and the muntins in the upper sash of this window are pretty small (It's a window unit comprised of a larger central window, which is flanked by two narrow windows). These were painted shut at some time in the past, and by now has multiple coats of paint sealing them solidly shut. Replacing the unit with new windows would look out-of-place with the originals, and the existing wood of the window units is in great shape.

Since there are still one or two old houses left in Glen Ellyn, does anyone have a recommendation for someone who can restore his existing windows? That would involve going on-site and somehow freeing up the sashes; stripping the paint both on the frames and on the surrounding trim; reglazing with the original glass (it has, over time, acquired a pleasant waviness...); and re-installing the windows, trim, sash-weights, etc, then painting the whole. The job COULD be split between a handyman and a painter, but let me know if anyone has had this kind of restoration done themselves, and have had any luck with the local trades. So far, the people he has called have come out and tried to sell him "lifetime" vinyl replacement windows - this needs a craftsman.

Thankee Kindly!