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Thread: Pre-K location part II

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    Quote Originally Posted by GE Fan View Post
    Just follow the political dots. District 41/GEPD never stood a chance.

    It always amazes me when local politicians make decisions and then fake process to come to a preordained conclusion.

    They always seem so surprised when, after pantomiming the motions of 'process', the unvetted idea hits oxygen and burns.
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    Clearly a preordained conclusion. Monday night both Ladesic and Fasules gave solid arguments for delaying the decision which were ignored, which would allow D41 to put more info together and the village could vet other options like McKee house (which McGinley would have you believe everyone is excited about - I seriously doubt that) or the gym at Civic Center (another bad idea).

    Well played by COD to give the ultimatum "If you don't propose to me, we're through!". The majority of the trustees fell for it hook, line and sinker. Even better the cowards didn't show up to the meeting to put their money where their mouths were.

    Kenwood in his infinite wisdom said the decision wasn't economic for him as he doubted the incubator would bring in a lot of money. It was more about being "innovative". Nevermind the fact a partnership with Park district/D41 could have saved a lot of money. The taxpayers of Glen Ellyn salute you, Mr. Kenwood.

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    The Civic Betterment Party is always looking for people to run for Village President and Village Board.

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    CBP-I think Jombl is saying he is against preordained politics.

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    looking forward to the increased innovator traffic pushing the need for a parking deck...

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