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Thread: No Dancing, Drinking or Smoking ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEBF View Post
    This assumes that it's either/or. Certainly the college (or your company) can choose to take some action based on what they know, while the police decide what to do. The problem I see is that the college's punishment seems to be out of line with what I'd expect given the new criminal charges. Whole story seems a little odd, particularly the timing of the charges.
    One has to wonder if their acceptance of the school's punishment may come back to haunt them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clamato View Post
    How is that even legal? An alleged felony is committed, police are called in, then a small, private college gets to handle in internally? If I do something similar, I'd like my small, private company to mete out my punishment rather than the legal system.
    In Indian territory perhaps.

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