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Thread: North Carolina in decline

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    Department of Justice takes over as gang crime spins out of control in Durham, Fayetteville and Salisbury

    "Salisbury has turned to the Department of Justice for help with its crime problems. Two other North Carolina cities, Durham and Fayetteville, have asked for the same. Channel 9 has reported on Salisbury’s gang problems over the past three years."

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    North Carolina state government handing out taxpayer money like halloween candy

    "A full 25 years after the Global TransPark project began, the colossus of a cargo air depot in Kinston remains largely vacant, and state lawmakers seem content to keep throwing good money after bad with no end in sight. Many in Lenoir County still see the GTP as a source of pride, but to eastern North Carolina and the state as a whole, it’s a blunder, a boondoggle, an albatross around our collective necks.

    Since 1992, the Global TransPark’s jet-engine hype has sucked in between $200 million and $300 million in taxpayer money, the John Locke Foundation’s Carolina Journal reported, and the stateowned industrial park has provided precious little return on that investment.

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    Yes North Carolina has a high rate of death of opoid drug deaths.

    But so does Illinois. Illinois is interesting since the majority of it's neighbors Wisconsin, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri do not have what the CDC refers to as having a significant high number of opoid deaths.

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    Here is the bottom line. Illinois for the last twelve months added 33,000 jobs

    While we here added over 64,000 Jobs in the same time period

    Even though our population is only 2/3 of what Illinois though of course with Illinois experiencing population decline while ours continues to grow we are getting closer.

    Oh yes from 2010-2013 Illinois ranked #42 in GDP while we here ranked #17
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