It seems as though there is a lot of negativity surrounding the school district lately-more specifically the superintendent Paul Gordon. I just wanted to post something that is a little more positive. We are all grown adults, we are mother's and father's, daughter's and sons. We are active community members of Glen Ellyn. But most importantly, we are all people. A great thing that Dr. Gordon has always said is "it's all about people and making that connection with others. Stop focusing on all the other crap and focus on the people. At the end of the day that's all you have." It blows my mind that people spend mindless hours on this site, so concerned with bashing Gordon and his efforts. What if someone had a blog post dedicated to bashing you everyday? How would you feel? All of us on here have learned how to properly treat everyone. It truly is more difficult to be mean than it is to be nice. That applies when you are five until you are fifty-five. During the board meeting Kurt made a middle school attempt of calling Gordon out about interviewing for the Jeffco job. Instead of just asking he teased and he mocked and he skewed around the question. Excuse me I forgot that board meetings were actually a middle school girl lunch table where everyone made discreet comments and was mean to one girl the entire period! My bad for forgetting that that was actually the purpose of a board meeting. It boils my blood to read some of these comments about how poor of a person and sup that Gordon is. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion and that is why, unlike some of you users, I am not here to bash your thoughts and your opinions about the actual school concerning things. I am here to stand up for someone that has been knocked one too many times and to remind everyone that we are all people, even Paul Gordon. For those of you who have gotten the opportunity to get to know Gordon you are truly blessed. He is one of the most genuine and caring people I have ever met. He is so humble and dedicated to his work. He would give anything to improve the education quality of his students. He loves his job and he is incredible at what he does. He has and will continue to do amazing things for the education system because he understands and knows how to treat other people. So all I am trying to say here is be nice and get off this site and actually do your jobs and stop criticizing him for doing his.