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    I have listened to this song like 100 times since yesterday. The guitar solo and outro work is just one of the greatest guitar pieces I have ever heard. Daniele Gottardo playing Jason Becker's writing note for note with so much soul and passion. My god, it brings tears to my eyes. Wow. It may be cheese, it may not be your cup of tea, but it is written and played note for note not by himself, but his respected musician friends. Would love to hear Jason play it, but Daniele absolutely killed it. using Jason's ax, rack and peddles, and amps. Jason is alive through Danieles fingers.

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    His bio is pretty amazing, and the fact that he has "beaten" ALS for as long as he has is amazing as well. I'm listening to Xmas music 100 times a day, and mourning Roy Clark by YouTube bingeing Hee Haws...but that song is great, have to find that doc on him and watch.

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