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Thread: Trump II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    Yes a smart move. House or Real-Estate Arbitrage.

    After some fifty years you got tired of Chicago winters. Interesting.

    You are only going to get 500,000 for your house in GE. Have home prices gone down that much in Glen Ellyn ?

    Personally I think you are being to modest in your home search. 375000 will get you far more than a 2000 SQFT house in Greenville.

    Three hundred and thirty nine thousand will get you a new house on a lake 3400 SQFT. Still leaving you an extra thirty five thousand.

    Yes and your property taxes will be substantially lower as well.

    Living in Trump country will be hard on you psychologically etc, but will do wonders for your bank account.
    My house is located in the servant's quarters of GE. That said, it's a highly desirable street. That said again, is only 1,711 square feet. But very nicely appointed. Guessing will list at $509K or so. Online home places have it at $477-485K. Always a little off.

    Unlike most, I am a neighborhood snob. Would rather have the smallest house in the best neighborhood than 3,400 square feet of McMansion out in the middle of nowhere. Lake or not. The areas I am looking at are Alta Vista and Augusta Road. Sq foot for sq foot, it's essentially a push. Which may be the reason I will move to North Main. In those neighborhoods, $400-450K will get me what a have now in a similar, walk to everything neighborhood. Could I have nearly doubled my square footage for the same price in 1994 if I lived where you used to lived? Probably. But I have never lived in a big house, don't see a reason to start now. Always had a quality or life over quantity of house mindset.

    Taxes will drop to essentially one percent of the value, but . . . as you are aware . . . nothing is free. They nickel and dime you just like everywhere else. State income tax 42% higher than here, my car tags would max out at $500 plus fees versus flat fee of $108 now. There is more. No free lunch.

    After about 50 years here, four or so in Atlanta, couple scattered elsewhere . . . yes, tired of winter. Kids getting older, 75% of our parents are dead, company has been sold. Just waiting for one to get out of college.

    Just want Trump to gimme back the $45K her took from me in February. Really is kinda not cool how money values slog to the upside , but just get thumped to the downside .

    Alta Vista listing . . . . needs work inside. A lot. $475K.

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