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Thread: Headless Horseman and Queen Hamilton's Latest Legal Manuever

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    Headless Horseman and Queen Hamilton's Latest Legal Manuever

    The 3 firms representing the HH and the Queen filed on Friday (3/17/17) their Motions to Stay and to Certify Questions for Appeal. So the Queen has her own firm (Sidley Austin); HH Mazzochi (Littler Mendelson) and COD Board and HHs Bernstein and Napalitano (Drinker Biddle) all silk stocking firms charging $$$$$. As these counselors seek their appeal it is the taxpayers who should take umbrage with their continued silliness in once again committing to spend more in fees than is reasonable to settle a $763,000 claim. It is repugnant that this fleet of hungry lawyers are allowed to continue dipping their bread in the COD gravy.

    The decision makers at COD need to make a 180 to put the brakes on this mudslide now and settle up while it's still possible to settle within the insurance policy limits. The same decision makers who are on the griddle in Breuder's suit should not be permitted to influence or participate in how how the COD Board is going to handle this ongoing effort to defend the Queen and her HH. Sadly that does not appear to be happening based on the persistent approach being taken to hide behind an 1892 case (Millikin v Edgar County) in hopes of evading the fallout for reneging on the Breuder agreement.

    Where is the leadership at COD to step up and avert this train wreck? Where is the will of our elected officials at COD to pull the punch bowl from all of the lawyers and our trusted advisors who are enriching themselves on our tax bill? The self-ordained "clean slate" went on and on to gripe about how what Breuder did was so abusive but when we look back at how much the now retired Queen and her HH have cost COD and us, it is many multiples of anything they've alleged Breuder did or failed to do.

    When will leadership step up to stop this circus of misfits before they complete the job of picking the COD carcass clean? When will the COD President and Board remove politics from this situation and end this for the sake of the College and its students? Send the Board a message

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