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Schumacher, I haven't forgotten what you spewed about me on 1-27 in the now closed D 41 thread. You've got more of this partisan crap here. Your comments on Mr. Roskam are just more of the partisan bull crap....
Wow. Just saw this. Ack, you need to compartmentalize the various threads. I neither mentioned or criticized you in my comments. I simply remarked that Roskam could face a tough fight in the next go-around, "Especially if he keeps responding to the Trump base and not the moderate Republican base here in GE...If he continues to avoid constituents from the other camp, his reputation will suffer. Until now, I looked at him as the guy who calls me every month to campaign and as a necessary evil living in DuPage County. That he has been in the news negatively to the extent that he has, and that it is for ducking constituents and throwing his wholehearted support to Trump...well, what can one say? BAD!"

Partisan crap? Ack, you continue to amuse me. The binding on my Dictionary is beginning to break thanks to you:



noun: partisan

1. a strong supporter of a party, cause, or person.

adjective: partisan

1. prejudiced in favor of a particular cause.

Wouldn't your defense of Roskam, by definition, be more of this "partisan crap?"

But, I digress. Ackerman, re-read my post [#38]; I didn't insult you, criticize you, or cast aspersions on your character. I didn't even mention or allude to you at all. I was commenting on "Old Yellow Stain" Roskam. Perhaps I should be flattered that "you probably think this [post] is about you," but honestly, I find it a little creepy...