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GEman/BigData89 is following a clear path with a clear purpose and obvious perfectly correlated results. He's well known to everyone as are his political motivations.

He seeks to destroy what was the largest and most diverse exchange for transparent and open discussion of community affairs in the Village, bar none - one which historically has not served his clear and real political objectives at all. That he's been successful at driving out a number of active, experienced and informed community members is without doubt, nor can there be any doubt that he has successfully destroyed, derailed and polluted any number of serious conversations regarding community affairs, and has done so for years.

There can be no question that the net effect of his unremitting endless campaign of driving away considered and experienced opinion while simultaneously rendering remaining discussion unintelligible destroys the utility of the community's shared and once valuable neighborly information exchange. He presents a real and present danger to anyone who believes in the transparent and free exchange of ideas here, a civic threat of the first order. At some point recognition must be given to this fact, as well as to the years of **** with nary a single positive contribution.

The vandalism and poison is too pervasive to ignore, GEman/BigData89's stink is now ever-present and corrosive.
One can only hope that his stink will find its way into Breen's hands.