New Glen Ellyn restaurant seeks to set itself apart (link) Suburban Life

"A new restaurant in downtown Glen Ellyn hopes to set itself apart from the other offerings in the area. "There is nothing like this in this area," Maize + Mash assistant manager Mike Carl said. "In a 30-minute radius of this place, there's nothing like it. And it's going to be a destination place." The restaurant, which describes itself as an American bistro, recently opened at 430 N. Main St., in the space formerly occupied by Deacon & Mercy restaurant, as well as Cab's Wine Bar Bistro.

Before starting at Maize + Mash, Carl worked at Muldoon's in downtown Wheaton for 14 years as a manager and bartender. He is a 1998 graduate of Glenbard West High School in Glen Ellyn. "I kind of cut my teeth in the industry there," Carl said. "I loved working there, but this was a great opportunity to work for these guys. They are really good restaurant guys. They know what they are doing, and they don't mess around."

The owners of Maize + Mash also own Barrel + Rye and The Burger Local restaurants in downtown Geneva, as well as The Burger Social, set to open later this year on Hale Street in downtown Wheaton. Maize + Mash focuses on what it calls "shareable." "They're not appetizers; they're definitely meant to be brought out for the table to be shared amongst two to four guests," Carl said. "That is definitely our focus and the kitchen staff's area of expertise."

Those shareable include..."