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Thread: Let's combine D89 and D41 into 1 school district

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    The advantages of consolidation are tangible - you eliminate a Superintendent, probably 6 other Asst. Superintendents, probably some redundant staff between a merged Central Services, buildings and grounds, I.T. dept., etc. Probably a few million a year in salary.

    You would probably sell one of the central services offices, probably D41 since its smaller and D89's building also houses C.A.S.E. offices. But who knows.

    There are bigger financial questions, though. The teacher salaries eventually have to be evened out (there is typically a phase in period). You can guess which way they get "evened out".

    You also need to look at the respective debt loads. The last time I looked, shortly after D89 passed a referendum, and with D41 about to have expiring bonds, the debt loads were getting very close, per capita. But then D41 just borrowed another $7Million. But this is all the job of the feasibility study to figure out. It answers the question of which constituency "gets screwed" or is it neither, or both.

    There is a definite psychological divide between SORO and NORO. I think it stems from the unicorporated vs. incorporated mentality. That has slowly been changing as annexation continues its steady progress. This is probably the biggest thing to overcome. That and D89 people probably look at D41 as having a lot of drama - rightly so. Why bother?

    But I think it would go a long way to making the Village feel more unified over the course of a few decades.

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    Thank you, Bob Solak. Those would be some of the tangibles I'd be looking at, as well as whether the school system established in 89 would be enhanced, or, at the very least, maintained at present levels. Without the drama. And with a very evenhanded approach to all items, and not a tilt toward either SORO or NORO.

    It really was a shame that two districts were ever established, IMO - I was really surprised when I first moved here from Elmhurst, but as the years went by, I thought I got the 'reason' for it. That said, I really am pretty impressed with D89 and Glenbard South, and would have to be sold that things would get better for our children SORO as a result of a merger. BTW, I'm in incorporated GE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ackerman View Post
    I'm not that 'oldtimer' from NORO , but I'd say this, I have felt for a long time that there should be a serious conversation about this between the 2 boards. Going back to a conversation I had with Dr. Riebock, she said if the other guys were interested, etc. etc. It became obvious that it would take our local state legislators getting involved to spark this. I mentioned this to Sandra Pihos a number of years ago, but nothing happened. If I make the board, I will sit down with Deb Conroy, my state rep. But, she only covers a small portion of D 41. Same with State Senator Tom Cullerton, he covers a little of 41.

    It looks like 2 new(er) legislators, State Rep. Peter Breen and State Sen. Chris Nybo cover most of the rest of 41 and 89. So, 4 people, from both sides of the aisle. If they are amenable to opening a dialog, then why not?

    I brought this up, trying to get a conversation going, when I was being interviewed by the D 41 board for the open spot in June. Guess it didn't win any votes for me. I still think it's a good idea, trying to open dialog.
    After a conversation with Deb Conroy's administrative person, I'm told that she would be available for a conversation on the 41-89 issue. One down.

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    With so much overhead in Admin there would be savings there but the school boards are usually captives of the unions and administrative staff. So unless there is a strong voter interest in this it probably won't happen. It would make a lot of sense. D89 has seen dramatic declines in school enrollment so much so that it has closed off sections of some schools and considered laying off teachers. D41 is just beginning to enter a period of prolonged enrollment decline. So both districts will have excess capacity over the next couple of years. Savings may be smaller than some would like to believe since teacher salaries would have to go up for one group. But yes it would make a lot of sense which is another reason why it won't happen.

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    Thanks Bob for all the info!

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    Thought this article fits in this threat since it talks about consolidating school districts.

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    Interesting. Thanks for posting!

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